E-VOLI – When ideas sprout wings

One year of free support for creative ideas. What for? How does that work? Why are we doing this? 

We love ideas. We love to develop them and to let them ‘fly’. In order to do this not only in our own network, we have launched E-VOLI.

What is E-VOLI?

E-VOLI is a call for ideas with no specific thematic focus. We are looking for new creative ideas, for technical innovations or already thought-through business models. We would like to support them with one year of free consulting and help give them perspective.


What is it not?

E_VOLI is not a start-up competition as you know it. We do not offer financial support, we do not have any awards and we do not choose ideas according to economic criteria. We are looking for enthusiasm and passion.

Why are we doing this?

We are curious and want to share this curiosity. But that is just one and not the main reason.

We would like to give ideas a chance which are rejected by most of the competitions at an early stage due to economic indicators. Each idea needs time and support in order to develop its true potential. We want to secure that and help with our knowledge and experiences.

Last but definitely not least we want to return something. We work in a network of open-minded and creative people. We have exciting projects with self-chosen customers. We are very lucky and we know that. We have the privilege of doing what we love and we want that for others as well.

How can I apply for E-VOLI?

An application is only possible in video format. More information on our website: www.e-voli.de/en/how-can-i-apply-for-e-voli.  Application deadline is April 30, 2017. From all applications, we choose our 5 favourites. We will invite them to a personal meet and greet in Munich and then we will decide who is going to be the first E-VOLI project in 2017.

For further information please contact: Catharina Fischer, c.fischer@tourismuszukunft.de.

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Catharina Fischer

….Beraterin und Netzwerkpartnerin bei Tourismuszukunft. Sie arbeitet seit über 8 Jahren im Bereich Online-und Social Media Marketing. Nach ihrem Studium im Bereich Tourismusmanagement baute sie das internationale Social Media Marketing der Deutschen Zentrale für Tourismus in 12 Märkten auf und realisierte zahlreiche Online- und Social Media Kampagnen. Innerhalb des Social Media Marketings hat Catharina Fischer in den Bereichen Influencer Marketing, speziell Blogger Relations, Facebook-, Instagram- und Twitter- Marketing sowie im Bereich Videomarketing langjährige umfassende Erfahrungen. Darüber hinaus entwickelte Sie bereits verschiede Content-Marketing-Strategien und befasst sich seit den Anfängen des Social Media Marketings intensiv mit einem zielgerichteten Monitoring und der Analyse von Social Media-Plattformen sowie crossmedialen Kampagnen. Mit dem Einstieg bei Tourismuszukunft beschäftigt sich Catharina Fischer zunehmend mit strategischen Fragestellung und initiierte u.a. zusammen mit Innovation Norway einen Think Tank, der zu aktuellen Entwicklungen im Hinblick auf eine touristische Vermarktung Stellung bezieht.